ProFlex for PS4 Restock is Here!

ProFlex for PS4 Restock is Here!

Good news, everyone!

We've recently restocked our PlayStation 4 Dualshock 4 ProFlex controller skins! After massive demand, we were having trouble staying ahead of your orders and ran out of stock of many designs! Thank you all for the love, and we're glad you're enjoying ProFlex. 

We worked overtime to get the latest production run done, and we're glad to say it's finally here! 

Another production run is in the works as we speak, as we continue to develop new designs for you to add to your ProFlex collection.

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Oh, and another thing we're working on...

While our ProFlex production run was in the works, we were also busy developing our brand new line of performance thumbsticks for PS4, Xbox One and Switch Pro! ProTouch HEX thumbsticks are dropping next week, so keep an eye out. We gotta say - the grip on these is straight up insane!

Catch you guys later ✌️

- The VGF Gamers team in sunny San Diego

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