Custom Console Skins $29.95

Custom Console Skins

Custom Console Skins

Upload your high resolution image and one of our designers will manually mock it up on your favorite console. Within 4 hours (during regular business hours, 9-5 PT), the mockup is emailed to you for approval or revisions. Once approved, it hits our printer and is shipped to you!

Our image uploader is currently down due to high traffic. Email your image(s) to and note your order number.

Image requirements:

Minimum width: 1600px
Minimum height: 1600px
Maximum size: 100 mb
Optimal DPI (dots per inch): 300
Minimum DPI: 150

The quality of the final print is only as good as the quality of the image you send us. Please ensure you provide us with the highest resolution image possible.

GameVinyl console skins are not produced, licensed or affiliated with Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), Microsoft, or Nintendo in any way, and do not feature any copyrighted logos, marks or trade names owned by said companies.