Nintendo Switch Pro, Joy-Con, Switch Lite silicone cases have arrived!

Nintendo Switch Pro, Joy-Con, Switch Lite silicone cases have arrived!

They're finally here! We're happy to announce that we've added Nintendo Switch to the ProFlex lineup.

Introducing our full line (with more designs to come every month) of silicone controller sleeves compatible with Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers, Switch Pro and the Nintendo Switch Lite system!

Silicone Covers for Nintendo Switch Pro

Featuring studded grips on the back of the handles and the same soft-touch surface as the rest of our ProFlex products, your Switch Pro controller will never feel the same again (in a good way). Laser etched molds enable each silicone sleeve to snugly fit your controller, so your gaming experience will only improve with no compromises.

nintendo switch pro controller grip case cover silicone skin

Utilizing the same idea we implemented into our PlayStation 4 ProFlex skins, we opted for a full cutout around the buttons to help prevent any "sunken in" feeling (when pressing the A, B, X, Y buttons). The cutouts circling the thumbsticks/joysticks are as large as we could get them, with the end goal of preventing any range of motion issues when using the sticks. We're glad to say we succeeded!

Silicone Cover Grips for Joy-Con Controllers

After playing countless hours with standard Joy-Cons, we felt the grip that they offered was sorely lacking. Enter ProFlex! Our engineers went to work and created a Joy-Con cover that includes built-in grips, made to better match the contour of your hands. Combine the new shape with our protective, soft-touch, anti-sweat surface, and you've got an incredibly versatile product. Our silicone Joy-Con skins are an absolutely essential addition to your Nintendo Switch accessories!

nintendo switch joy-con controller sleeve cover grip

Silicone Case for Nintendo Switch Lite

Designing the cases/covers for Switch Lite systems was tough because, not only is having a grippier, anti-sweat feel obviously important, but protection is paramount as well. After all, Switch Lites aren't cheap, and having a case that helps protect that investment is a worthy accessory to own.

Therefore, we created ProFlex for Switch Lite - a silicone sleeve that is thick enough to protect your system from light drops, scratches and scuffs - and at the same time having all the gamer-centric qualities of our other ProFlex products.

We made the durable, premium-grade silicone layer as thin as possible to prevent any bulky feeling and unnecessary addition of weight. At the same time, it's just thick enough to provide the protection you're looking for!

silicone cover case for Nintendo switch lite


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