ProFlex® Carbon Fiber controller skins have arrived!

ProFlex® Carbon Fiber controller skins have arrived!

This is a huge day for us. The world's first carbon fiber hydro-dipped silicone controller skins are here!

Ever since silicone controller skins (or covers, cases, grips...whatever you'd like to call them) have been around - for some reason - a carbon fiber design has never happened. We really wanted to make this a reality. And then, we found out how hard it was to pull off. I guess that's why it's never existed.

carbon fiber silicone skin cover case for ps5 xbox series x box one

Hydro dipping is hard. Hydro dipping silicone is doubly hard. And hydro dipping a carbon fiber water transfer film - where the tolerance for errors is near-zero - is "OMG WUT" levels of hard. We've spent the development time and resources to make it happen, though, and we are proud to say it's the world's first of its kind.

The ProFlex® Carbon Series is here, and it's available in black, red and blue carbon fiber for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One. And you'll only find it in literally one place: right here on VGF Gamers!

Carbon fiber silicone skins for PS5

Carbon fiber silicone skins for Xbox Series X / S

Carbon fiber silicone skins for Xbox One

carbon fiber controller case ps5 xbox series x

carbon fiber controller cover ps5 xbox series x xboxone

red carbon fiber ps5 controller case cover skin

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