Fade to Black with our NEW Matte Black Plates for PS5

Fade to Black with our NEW Matte Black Plates for PS5

White is cool and all...but honestly, matte black looks sooo much better. If you're one of the many in agreement, say no more and look no further: tap here purchase our new matte black plates (side panel replacements) for PS5. If you also hate the glossy - and annoyingly reflective - middle section of the PS5, we're now also offering a matte black vinyl skin (sticker) to cover that up.

Before we move on any further, we want to say this straight up: we *actually* have these in stock for both Disc and Digital versions, and we *actually* have them here in our California facility ready to ship out next-day. We aren't playing the backorder/pre-order game like others, where you pay up front and have to wait over a month to receive your items. That's not us. So if it's in stock, and you buy it, you'll receive it fast.

Now, with that out of the way, let's move on to what makes our plates different.

Made of the same high quality ABS plastic as the white OEM plates, we've incorporated a few small modifications to the plates to make them even better. First, on the white plates, there's really not much in the way of heat dissipation going on, so we added grilles to the inner edges to better alleviate that. 

Secondly, we've redesigned and made solid each of the inner tabs that hold the plates onto the system, making them stronger and sturdier and less prone to breaking off during removal or installation.

We've had some potential customers ask us if installing Fade to Black plates voids the factory warranty. Absolutely not! You'll find that removing and installing the plates is incredibly easy, as they just snap on and off. You can always reinstall the OEM white plates in the future, returning your PS5 to its former self.

Others have posed the question, "why not just paint your plates for $10"? Most of our customers want to keep their OEM plates white, in case they ever want to go back to them in the future. Not to mention the fact that, yeah it sounds easy, but making it look good by painting it yourself isn't exactly as easy as it sounds. And at the end of the day, you may just screw up your OEM white plates and be left with something much less aesthetically pleasing than what you started with.

Ready to Fade to Black? Tap here!

Legal Notice: Fade to Black by VGF Gamers is a third-party replacement product for OEM PS5 plates (side panels) and are not associated with Sony in any way. Sony's trademarked logos are NOT included on our plates.

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