Introducing GameVinyl skins: Original, world-exclusive art for your console!

Introducing GameVinyl skins: Original, world-exclusive art for your console!

We changed the silicone controller skin game - now we're doing the same with vinyl console skins.

We are absolutely thrilled to be working with talented artists such as Hyper Twenty and Dan Dingeroz, among others, to make our original line of console skins a reality. GameVinyl is finally here.

Unlike other online stores where anyone can create an account and upload their artwork for purchase, we hand-pick each artist we work with to ensure a high level of exclusivity and quality. Yeah, we're kinda picky. The art is one thing - but we also need to make it look good on each console. To that end, we've brought on in-house designers who dedicate their time to painstakingly mock up each artwork into a beautiful console design.

These are products that you will absolutely not find anywhere else, and we're glad to be able to bring them to you.

Our ambitions didn't stop there, though. Part of the struggle of finding a good console skin product is the quality. If you've ever purchased one from, say, Amazon or Wish (aka China), you'll probably be left with a bad taste in your mouth regarding the quality of the skin. It probably peeled. It probably was hard to install. It probably didn't even "feel" premium. And it definitely wasn't made here.

To hell with all that. We only wanted to launch this product knowing we would be offering the most premium console skin available, and with a production process to back that up.  Our new production facility in southern California is equipped with world-class printers, vinyl cutters and laminators, and all GameVinyl skins are made from there and shipped from there. We're proud to say that all GameVinyl skins are 100% made in the USA. 

But it doesn't stop there. We could save a crap ton of money by making them in bulk and having them sit on shelves, which would negatively affect the quality of the vinyl material.

Not us.

Instead, each GameVinyl skin is made to order. YOUR order. That means that the skin you receive will literally be "hot off the press". It's going to be the most "brand new" skin you'll ever receive, using fresh vinyl straight off the roll and onto the printer. We even laminate each one the day before it's shipped out to you. 

With every year that passes, we focus on two things: innovating new products and improving our current ones. We did that a lot in 2021, and we're going even harder in 2022. Watch for our next big drop this holiday season.

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