Pink Taffy Camo $12.95

Pink Taffy Camo

Pink Taffy Camo

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I'm getting cravings just looking at it 😋

For those looking for a more subtle pink camo colorway, look no further. Pink Taffy lays shades of purple and olive over a taffy base to create the perfect pink silicone controller skin for your Xbox One.

xbox one silicone cover case wrap controller by vgfgamers proflex

Change the look and feel of your Xbox One controller in less than 5 seconds! Improve grip, comfort and protect your controller from drops, dust, scratches, sweat and general wear-and-tear from gaming, all the while making it look awesome. Why choose ProFlex silicone over vinyl?

  • ProFlex® Benefits

    👉 Ribbed handles and soft-touch surface increases grip and comfort for longer gaming sessions
    👉 Takes less than 10 seconds to put on and take off!
    👉 High quality silicone material protects your controller from drops, dust, scratches and sweat
    👉 Easily change batteries without removing the cover
    👉 Hydrographic printing process means every skin is different, so your skin will be unique to you!
    👉 Easily washed with soap and warm water
    👉 Compatible with Xbox One, Xbox One S and X

  • Is my skin unique?

    Yes, every skin is unique! We use a patented water transfer printing process which means every skin that comes out of production is different than the rest. Your pattern will not be the same as anyone else's, which we think is pretty awesome.

  • Shipping

    This item ships from our U.S. warehouse in San Diego, California. U.S. customers can expect deliveries within 2-5 days. ✈️ We ship worldwide! International customers can expect deliveries within 10-15 days. See the Support Center for more in-depth information about shipping and delivery times.

Over 100,000 Happy Gamers

xbox one silicone controller case cover skin grips

Our exclusive ProFlex® silicone layer features ridged grips on the handle-backs and a soft-touch, anti-sweat surface that give you twice the grip and comfort compared to a standard Xbox One controller.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does shipping take?

A: Usually anywhere from 2-5 business days, depending on how far you live from our facility in southern California. We ship everything via USPS and a fully automated tracking system. You'll receive updates every step of the way!

Q: Will my joysticks/thumbsticks be affected with the skin on?

A: Nope! Your joysticks will still have their full range of motion.

Q: Does the skin slide around?

A: As long as you purchase the correct skin for your controller (we have different versions for Xbox One vs. One S/X), the skin fits snugly around the controller, and will not slide around.

Q: Can I change batteries mid-game?

A: Yes! There is a large cutout on the back of our Xbox One skins, and it's there for this specific reason. You will NOT have to remove the skin to change batteries.

Q: I put the skin on but it doesn't fit right. What's wrong?

A: If the skin is not properly aligned with your buttons and the top section is loose, this usually means you ordered the wrong version for your controller. The molds for Xbox One vs. Xbox One S/X controllers is different, so be sure to order the correct one for you!

Q: How does the skin protect my controller?

A: ProFlex® adds a durable, long-lasting layer of protection to your controller. Much like a phone case, your ProFlex® skin will help absorb impacts from drops and shield it from everyday elements like sweat, dust and scratches.

Q: Do they break easily?

A: Our skins are incredibly durable, and you can stretch and pull them without having to worry about them breaking or snapping apart. This makes putting them on and taking them off quick and easy!

Q: What about Xbox One Elite controllers?

A: Yes, we have a few styles available for Elite! Click here to see them.

Q: Are they compatible with Scuf?

A: No, our skins are only compatible with standard Xbox One and Xbox One S/X controllers.

Q: Do you offer custom designs?

A: Not yet, but we're working on it! To make up for this, we're constantly releasing new designs each month, so make sure to keep checking back!