World's first powder-coated silicone controller skins are here!

World's first powder-coated silicone controller skins are here!

After much demand, we've answered the call and are happy to introduce our first set of solid color ProFlex controller skins, currently available for PS4 DualShock 4.

We're especially proud to reveal the first-ever matte finish silicone controller skins in the world: Matte Titanium and Matte Gold. While all of our other ProFlex® designs are hydrodipped, our Matte series features a perfectly coated top layer which will give your controller a smooth feel and a dope look. The satin sheen it gives off looks amazing!

Matte Titanium for PS4

Matte Gold for PS4

In addition to our satin silicone controller covers, we've also introduced more standard (solid) colors: Red, Black and Blue. If you're not a fan of our wild designs (which we're known for), but still want all the advantages of our ProFlex silicone grips for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, these will do the trick!

Scarlet Red for PS4

Royal Blue for PS4

Raven Black for PS4

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