Introducing ProFlex® V2 for PS4: no compromises

Introducing ProFlex® V2 for PS4: no compromises

Today's a big day for us! For the past several months, we've been working our butts off in designing a new ProFlex® mold for PlayStation 4 that has absolutely no downsides. No compromises.

We're proud to introduce you to ProFlex® V2 for PS4, exclusively by VGF Gamers!

ps4 proflex v2 silicone skin cover case benefits features

Double-sided grip system now offers 3X the grip 

We've added studded grips to the front of the handles, in addition to the raised grips on the back. In combination with our soft-touch surface, you'll enjoy 3 times more grip over a naked PS4 controller.

Shape button presses retain OEM feel

We've cut a full circle around the shape buttons. Now, pressing the shape buttons will feel just as they do with a PS4 controller without a cover on it. The buttons are no longer have a "sunken in" feeling.

Thumbsticks have 100% range of motion

Thanks to our larger cutouts around the thumbsticks, they now have 100% range of motion. Pressing the thumbstick buttons down (L3/R3) is no longer an issue! Sprinting in games like Call of Duty is no problem. Your thumbsticks will not get blocked by the silicone layer.

Tap her and get yours now!

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