Our first space-inspired galaxy controller skin!

Our first space-inspired galaxy controller skin!

We're super excited to finally release our first-ever space-inspired ProFlex® silicone controller skin. Meet Aurora! Available now for PS4 and Xbox One, One S and X.

Aurora has landed!

The resident space nerds here at VGF Gamers always wanted to see what they could do about putting a supernova on a controller, and we think we got pretty close. 

Aurora features a dark purple background topped with flashes of bright white stars and reddish supernova clouds. All of it sits on top of a pure white silicone base, further enhanced by our ProFlex® surface.

Get Aurora for PS4

Our Aurora space silicone controller cover for PlayStation 4 features our new ProFlex® V2 design, which sports our double-sided grip system and soft-touch, anti-sweat surface. The whole package weighs under 1.5 ounces, making it thin and light, but very strong, flexible and durable.

👉 Get Aurora for PS4 now!

space theme ps4 controller skin cover case grip

Get Aurora for Xbox One

Get a glimpse of the final frontier every time you game by adding Aurora to your Xbox One ProFlex® silicone controller skin collection! Galaxy controller covers for Xbox One don't get cooler than this. Your hands will thank you for it - thanks to the soft-touch surface and ridged grips on the handlebacks, you'll improve your grip on the game and play for longer thanks to the added comfort.

👉 Get Aurora for Xbox One now!

space theme xbox one s x controller skin cover case grip

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June 13, 2019

Finally a space design!!

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