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Xbox One X/S Triple Carbon Bundle

Xbox One X/S Triple Carbon Bundle

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The ultimate silicone controller skin bundle is here! The Triple Carbon bundle for Xbox One S/X controllers features all 3 carbon fiber colors: black, red and blue! Each bundle comes with two pairs of matching ProTouch carbon fiber-style thumbstick grips.

  • What's Included?

    - 1 Black ProFlex Carbon Fiber style Xbox One X/S silicone controller skin
    - 1 Blue ProFlex Carbon Fiber style Xbox One X/S silicone controller skin
    - 1 Red ProFlex Carbon Fiber style Xbox One X/S silicone controller skin
    - 2 pairs of Carbon Fiber style thumbsticks

  • Compatibility

    This bundle fits Xbox One X/S controllers only.

  • Shipping

    This bundle ships from our USA fulfillment center in California. Please allow 2-5 business days for delivery after standard processing time of 48 hours. See the Support Center for more in-depth information about shipping and delivery times.

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Game in style with awesome skins
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Learn more about the ProFlex® advantage

ProFlex® is the only silicone skin on the market that enhances gameplay, not the opposite. Button presses retain OEM feel, and thumbsticks have 100% range of motion with no interference.

Anti-Sweat Grips

Built-in, anti-sweat grips combine with our soft-touch surface to give you better control of the game. You won't want to go back to the plastic, sweat-inducing feel of a standard controller.

Perfect Fit In Less than 10 Seconds

It doesn't get easier than this! Stylize your controller, improve its grip AND protect it - all in 10 seconds. 

Our exclusive ProFlex® silicone layer features ridged grips on the handle-backs and a soft-touch, anti-sweat surface that give you twice the grip and comfort compared to a standard Xbox One controller.

Weighs Just 1 Ounce

Keeping your controller light is important. At just 1 oz., you'll hardly feel any difference in the weight of your controller after putting on your ProFlex skin.

Waterproof and washable

All ProFlex covers can be easily brought back to new again by washing with soap and warm water, then gently drying with a towel.