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Scarlet Red - PS4 Controller Skin

Scarlet Red - PS4 Controller Skin

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Simple But Effective

Although we're known for our wild designs, we love a clean-looking controller, too. Enter our solid color styles! Scarlet Red features a grippy layer of deep red studded grips on front and ridged grips on back. Also available in Matte Titanium, Matte Gold, Blue and Black.

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Learn about the ProFlex® advantage

ProFlex® is the only silicone skin on the market that enhances gameplay, not the opposite. Button presses retain OEM feel, and thumbsticks have 100% range of motion with no interference.

All of the good, none of the bad

You'll love how your DualShock 4 feels in your hand with ProFlex® V2, offering more grip and less slip with no downsides. The soft-touch feel is perfect for extended gaming sessions. Amazing for those with sweaty hands!

Button presses retain OEM feel

We've cut completely around the shape buttons to prevent them from being "sunken in" and being harder to press.

Thumbsticks have 100% range of motion

Thanks to our larger cutouts, ProFlex® V2 is the only PS4 silicone skin that does NOT block your joysticks/L3/R3. Sprinting in games like Call of Duty is no problem!

Weighs just 1.5 ounces

Keeping your controller light is important. At just 1 oz., you'll hardly feel any difference in the weight of your controller after putting on your ProFlex skin.

Waterproof and Washable

All ProFlex covers can be easily brought back to new again by washing with soap and warm water, then gently drying with a towel.