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Red Carbon Fiber - XBOX Series X/S Controller Skin

Red Carbon Fiber - XBOX Series X/S Controller Skin

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The First of its Kind

Meet the world's first and only carbon fiber style silicone controller skins for Xbox Series X|S! These are very difficult (and expensive) for us to produce, but they look incredible, so it's totally worth it. Get the matching items below to complete your carbon fiber overhaul.

Complete the Look

$25.95 $42.95
Red Carbon Fiber console skin for Series X

$5.95 $7.95
Carbon Fiber ProTouch thumbsticks
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Learn about the ProFlex® advantage

ProFlex® is the only silicone skin on the market that enhances gameplay, not the opposite. Button presses retain OEM feel, and thumbsticks have 100% range of motion with no interference.

Finally, A Silicone Skin That Doesn't Get in the way

ProFlex is the only silicone controller skin for Xbox Series X S that improves gameplay, not the opposite.

Retain Access to Ports

Cuts have been made in all the right places to ensure you don't lose access to any input areas. A full cutout on the back also makes it easy for you to change batteries without having to remove the skin.