Mortal Mashup - PS4 Console Skin$26.95

Mortal Mashup - PS4 Console Skin$26.95

Mortal Mashup - PS4 Console Skin

Made to order - Ships from San Diego after 7 business days production time

Why Choose GameVinyl®?

 Made of premium vinyl

 Precision cut for a perfect fit

 Retain access to all ports

 Easy, bubble-free installation

Part of our exclusive Mashup Series

Because why WOULDN'T Scorpion team up with Pac-Man? It doesn't have to make sense. It just has to look awesome. Exclusively commissioned artwork for VGF Gamers, this vinyl console skin will make your original PS4 stand out from the rest! GameVinyl console stickers for Sony PlayStation 4 are made in the USA and protect your console from scratches, dust and stains while making it look incredible!

GameVinyl console skins are brand new, made to order and ship from our USA fulfillment center in California. Please allow for a processing and production time of up to 7 business days, followed by 2-5 business days for delivery. See the Support Center for more in-depth information about shipping and delivery times.