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Free For All *LIMITED* - PS5 Controller Skin

Free For All *LIMITED* - PS5 Controller Skin

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A Mashup of Your Favorite Characters

Hand drawn, colored and shaded, this original piece of art commissioned exclusively for VGF Gamers has been brought to life on your PS5 DualSense. This silicone controller skin features an abstract rendition of characters inspired by some of your favorite games.

Note: This design features many elements, all of which cannot fit on a single controller skin. Each skin will be completely unique to you, and therefore, the section of the design you get will be completely random. We've included product images reflecting this.

Complete the Look

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Free for All GameVinyl console skin
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Learn about the ProFlex® advantage

ProFlex® is the only silicone skin on the market that enhances gameplay, not the opposite. Button presses retain OEM feel, and thumbsticks have 100% range of motion with no interference.

Less Sweat. Better Grip. More Comfort.

Our refined soft-touch ProFlex® surface and built-in grips offer PS5 players more control and comfort to stay fresh in extended gaming sessions.

Compatible with OEM DualSense Charging station

We're the only accessories company to offer a PS5 controller case that is compatible with Sony's OEM charging dock and similarly-designed aftermarket versions! *Not including Mystic and Ravenous collections*

Perfect Fit. Every Time.

Each ProFlex® PS5 DualSense silicone case is engineered to snugly fit around your controller. Full cutouts around the buttons, and a low-profile trigger surround ensures no impact to gameplay.