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There Will Be Blood - XBOX Series X/S Controller Skin

There Will Be Blood - XBOX Series X/S Controller Skin

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Blood Splatter (or is it Spatter?)

Somebody, call Dexter! Your Xbox Series X/S controller will never be the same - both in look and function - with There Will Be Blood. Honestly, we can't believe it took us this long to make a blood splatter design. After many requests, we've finally delivered.

Note: The amount of blood splatter you get on your item is completely random. You may get a little. You may get a lot. We've included multiple product images to reflect this.

Complete the Look

$25.95 $42.95
Blood Splatter console skin for Series X

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White ProTouch thumbsticks
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Learn more about the ProFlex® advantage

ProFlex® is the only silicone skin on the market that enhances gameplay, not the opposite. Button presses retain OEM feel, and thumbsticks have 100% range of motion with no interference.

Finally, A Silicone Skin That Doesn't Get in the way

ProFlex is the only silicone controller skin for Xbox Series X S that improves gameplay, not the opposite.

Retain Access to Ports

Cuts have been made in all the right places to ensure you don't lose access to any input areas. A full cutout on the back also makes it easy for you to change batteries without having to remove the skin.