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Accuracy Thumb Sticks for PS5 DualSense (Set of 4)

Accuracy Thumb Sticks for PS5 DualSense (Set of 4)

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Looking to improve your accuracy like the pros? Our Accuracy Thumb Sticks are used by the best console players, and have been proven to increase K/D ratios. You can expect significant accuracy improvements in medium to long range sniping situations. Compatible with PS5 OEM DualSense controllers.

  • Features & Benefits

    👉 Ideal for competitive gamers looking for an edge
    👉 Increased accuracy in medium to long-range situations
    👉 Textured, rubberized surface for better grip
    👉 Reduces thumb and wrist fatigue
    👉 Never worry about sweaty thumbs again!
    👉 Available in multiple colors
    👉 8 grips per order!

  • Compatibility

    These thumb sticks are compatible with the factory (OEM) PS5 DualSense controllers.

  • Shipping

    ✈️ Next-day shipping! This item ships from our USA fulfillment center and takes about 5 business days to be delivered. See the Support Center for more in-depth information about shipping and delivery times.

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