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Our Pledge to You

A message from the founders of VGF Gamers

Hey guys! First of all, we just want to say thanks for being here. I mean, if you're even reading this, that means you tapped on the 'Our Story' link, which no one ever does. So that must mean you really care about us. Thank you for that. But now that you're here, we've got a pledge to make to you. It's pretty simple: Your utmost satisfaction as a customer and fellow gamer is the only thing we care about.

We're doing this because we love it. Because we wanted to make products we would use ourselves. To improve upon something that we know a lot of gamers love, but that we know could be better. We hope you agree that we've accomplished that. We promise to you that we'll do everything we can, now and in the future, to ensure that everything that comes with the VGF badge on it is something we can stand behind.