How it's made: Original art skins for PS5, Xbox Series X and more

How it's made: Original art skins for PS5, Xbox Series X and more

We take a lot of pride in the development and production of our GameVinyl console skins, which have quickly become one of our most popular gaming accessories ever. VGF is still the only company in the world working 1-on-1 with hand-picked artists to develop the coolest, most awesome, most beautiful console skins that will make your device stand out like no other.

That being said, ever wonder where and how we make our popular GameVinyl console skins for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4 and Xbox One?


It all starts in our world-class printing facility that we've established in San Diego, California. Our in-house design team gets to work, as we create amazing console skin designs using original art in exclusive collaboration with talented artists.

Once your order is placed, our print team goes to work. Fresh, brand new rolls of premium quality vinyl are used for each printing run. Each GameVinyl skin is made to order, so your skin will literally be "hot off the press". This is the most "brand new" skin you'll ever get!

Our facility is equipped with the latest and greatest printers, vinyl cutters and lamination machines. The level of color vibrance, clarity, and print quality in general is second to none, and it's the first thing you'll notice when you first unbox your GameVinyl skin.

Our world-class lamination machines complete each skin with a sleek matte finish, which helps prevent glare and finger prints.

Next, we get to watch in awe as our vinyl cutter works its magic, as it makes laser-precision cuts to ensure each skin fits your console perfectly.

The end result is so satisfying.

Our fulfillment team takes over from there, carefully packaging each one for shipment!

Are you an artist that is interested in working with us? Send us an email at with your portfolio and we'll be in touch!

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