2021 Holiday Shipping Deadlines

2021 Holiday Shipping Deadlines

As of December 22nd 1:00am PT...

  • No orders placed after today will arrive by Christmas.

As of December 20th 1:00am PT...

  • ProFlex controller skins: The only guaranteed pre-12/24 delivery as of now is Priority Mail Express, according to USPS deadlines. Some First Class and standard Priority Mail packages still have a chance to arrive before Christmas, but NOTHING IS GUARANTEED.
  • GameVinyl console skins: No longer likely to arrive before Christmas

During this holiday season, we are working overtime to fulfill orders as quickly as possible. Please see below to ensure you place your orders in time to receive before Christmas. Please note that we cannot be held responsible for any unforeseen delays on the part of the carrier.

ProFlex Silicone Controller Skins (and ProTouch Thumbsticks)

We are shipping all ProFlex and ProTouch orders the day after your order is placed (orders that contain only these items). We use USPS to ship these items. Please use the dates below, which is based on their official guidance.

  • First Class Mail (free when you buy 2 or more): Order by December 16th 11:59pm PT DEADLINE PASSED
  • Priority Mail: Likely but not guaranteed to arrive before Christmas if you order by end of December 18th (11:59pm PT) DEADLINE PASSED
  • Priority Mail Express: Order by end of December 21st (11:59pm PT) DEADLINE PASSED

If you intend to also order a GameVinyl console skin in addition to ProFlex controller skins, we encourage you to order separately to ensure you at least will receive the ProFlex controller skins in time for Christmas. If you do not, we will ship all items in the same package, and you will need to wait for the GameVinyl console skin to finish production first.

GameVinyl Console Skins

As of Wednesday, Dec. 15, we cannot guarantee you will receive your GameVinyl skin before Christmas. These items are made to order and take 5 business days to complete production. Therefore, the deadline is much earlier than our ProFlex and ProTouch products.

  • First Class Mail: Sunday, Dec. 12th 11:59pm PT DEADLINE PASSED
  • Priority Mail: Tuesday, Dec. 14th 11:59pm PT DEADLINE PASSED

In the unfortunate case that you do not receive your order before Christmas, we are providing a free print-and-fill gift "voucher" that can be presented to the recipient on Christmas, to help tide them over. We realize this is not optimal, but it's something we wanted to offer in case this occurs. We will provide these upon request. Please email us.

USPS Holiday Delivery Deadlines

Read more about our shipping policies on our support page

Thank you for reading our 2021 holiday shipping update!

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